Gallery 44 Database
of Contemporary Canadian Photography

Welcome to Gallery 44's online exhibition database. This database is an ongoing archive of Gallery 44's extensive exhibition history which began in 1981*.

To make your search more convenient, the database is comprised of three major sections -- exhibitions, artists, and images. You can also search using a wide variety of search criteria, from subject and theme, to technical processes, photographic medium, exhibition dates, etc.

We invite you to take a tour back through our rich exhibition history of contemporary Canadian and international photography: browse an alphabetical listing of artists, or take a visual trip through the images catalogue.

Please note that this database is still a work in progress. To date most of the information from 2007-1993 has been compiled (although some gaps may appear). Previous to 1993, much of the information is still incomplete. We appreciate your patience as we work to complete all data entry. Should you find any information that is incorrect, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact the gallery at We also welcome your questions and comments.

Please be advised that some of the images contained in this database include nudity, sexually explicit content or themes that may be disturbing to the viewer. Gallery 44 respects the artistic freedom of our artists and requests that you employ viewer and parental discretion.

*Gallery 44 is a non-profit, artist-run centre committed to the advancement of Canadian photography. Our goal is to contribute to the national dialogue on contemporary Canadian photographic art practices and to foster its support, understanding and appreciation. Gallery 44 was founded in 1979 by a small group of artists in need of production facilities who joined together to share darkroom and studio space. Forming a collective was an important step in making facilities affordable and in creating a supportive community of artists with common goals. In 1980, the collective began mounting exhibitions and in 1981, began offering photography workshops. The gallery began collecting exhibition data in 1981.